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Tuesday, 07 September 2010
Canon 5D Mark ii

A long time ago when cameras used film, I was a wedding photographer. When shooting an afternoon wedding we often had a photo session before the dinner. By that time the wedding party had had a few drinks and everyone finally started to relax.

Summer evenings in Vancouver are magical. The sun bathes everyone in a golden glow and light breezes caress like fine silk. But it is at this fleeting moment that wedding photographers have to work as fast as possible, burning through film and profit, hoping to capture 2 or 3 truly memorable moments. I can remember daydreaming about a digital camera that could capture in a few seconds hundreds of images of a glowing bride. Then afterwards pull an image from this brief “video” (or series of images rapidly taken) at the exact moment everything was perfect. All without film.

At that time I was shooting formals with a Bronica 6x6 SQ system and my candids with a Canon EOS 1n and L lenses. Generally we shot 20 rolls of 36 with the Canon and 10 rolls with the 6x6. At a pro lab, this cost about $300 for processing and print proofs.

Old news, but guess what, pro-series cameras can now do just that, rapid shooting and HD video. Engadget reported that the last season of the TV series “House” was shot with a canon 5D Mark ii. The 5D Mark ii can also shoot 30 frames a second!

Until recently, this has come at pro price of about $3000.

While watching the 2010 US Open tennis (http://www.usopen.org/en_US/index.html ) an Olympus EP2 video ad caught my eye, it stated that this little camera was used to film the ad in HD video. It can be bought for about $550. Amazing stuff. My dream came true quicker than I thought.



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