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Saturday, 22 November 2008
The search for the Holy Grail.

Why isn’t the Flipbac removable?

We developed the Flipbac over a period of 2 years. We had several designs and mounting methods – both mechanical and with adhesives. We also built and field tested several prototypes, most notable was one with a slotted track that allowed the Flipbac to be removed.

So why didn’t we further develop this removable function?

The first issue with the removable function was it always increased the total thickness of the Flipbac. It went from 5 mm to 7-8 mm. All of a sudden it made the camera too thick and bulky to fit in most camera bags.

Secondly, it was unattractive and had a wiggly or unstable feel on the camera.

Thirdly, it didn’t bother us that the Flipbac remained on the camera. We honestly never found it a hindrance. If we wanted to directly look at the LCD we just opened the Flipbac a little further. When we did want to use the Flipbac it was there, on the camera. We didn’t have to fumble through our camera bag, put it on and take the shot. In other words, we could take the shot before the moment was gone.

Also, we enjoyed the protection the Flipbac gave the LCD. Often my camera was without its case in my pocket or shoulder bag and to date my camera’s LCD has suffered no damage.

So in the end we consciously decided to make the Flipbac as thin as possible and build it to the same finish and quality as leading Japanese cameras. We wanted the Flipbac to appear as if it was part of the camera
and not some goofy gadget stuck to the back.

We haven’t given up on the removable function though. We continue to look for methods that don’t increase the thickness or complexity.  

Cameras and camera gear are strange objects. As many of us have owned many cameras, we soon learn that the perfect camera doesn’t exist. Cameras continue to improve but so do our expectations.

The search for the Holy Grail continues.

Any thoughts? Send your comments to: comments@flipbac.com


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