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May 11, 2020, 12:02 pm
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November 12, 2019, 10:00 am
Flipbac G4 Grip on the Canon Eos
July 04, 2014, 11:20 am
“ I purchased the Flipbac locally at Adorama. Just a note of thanks to you,
as I am quite pleased with the fit. It actually fits on the G9 within the case
Canon leather case (SC-DC55A) perfectly. Nice product. Nice fit & finish.
Well done!
- Alex S., New York

“ Hi, Just a note to say Thanks for the wonderful service and prompt replies.
The 'Flipbac' has turned my G10 into one of my old favorites, a Yashica
T3 Super which has an additional top viewfinder and is a very deceptive street
camera. Great design and quality build.
- Lawrence, Vancouver

“ You need to update your compatibility list. It's an excellent fit on my Panasonic FZ28 and looks like it was OEM [original equipment manufacturer], even though it's listed as a 2.7" LCD. A clever design and very nice workmanship. It gives my FZ28 the capability I most missed from my Canon S3IS, the ability to oily smears off the LCD. I'm very pleased with the product...I'm a retired Engineering Manager in the area of product development, and I think it's a clever design. (I have 36 patents).  It really makes something different out of my FZ28. - Jerry

“ In the past I always used clip-on LCD protectors for my dslr. Basically, they were just made of plexi glass, and I was always replacing them. I never could enjoy my camera's LCD. I just spent the week with my camera swinging around my neck. With the Flipbac on my camera, not only was it great to see my LCD from different angles but it also provided great protection for the screen. I was finally able to enjoy my beautiful LCD! ” - AC

“ I normally don't expect delivery out of New York this quickly. I am impressed with your product as well.  It's design is quite unique. Thank you...”- Jerome, NY

Thanks, great product! - AS

“ Thanks...Neat design and excellent execution.- FM

I tried it on my camera and here's what I think. I love the design, product and the packaging. It fit the camera extremely well.- LG, Vancouver

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