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Monday, September 22, 2008

For many years I have enjoyed using medium format cameras that let me shoot from “the hip.”  The Rolleiflex TLR camera and the Hasselblad 500 are historic cameras that let the user view the lens image from a camera held at the waist height and other positions. When I look back at my photographs, my favorite ones, my best ones, most often have been taken from the waist level position.  These photos are candid and relaxed, often because my subject did not know the photograph was being taken.

When I bought my first digital camera seven years ago and noticed the large LCD (liquid crystal display) screen on the back, I immediately thought of an angle viewer: A simple mirror that hinged on both an X and Y axis that would easily let me view the digital camera rear LCD screen in different positions other than in front of my face.
Some time later I made a prototype and started to use it at social occasions and to show it to some trusted professional photographers. Whether novice or professional, all liked the idea immediately and could see its practical and ease of use.

However those early years many digital cameras had flipout screens ( early Canon G series, Olympus C 8080, etc). But as time passed camera bodies became smaller, and LCD screens became bigger - all to the demise of the beloved flipout screen.

Noting this change in the market we decided to give it a go. It has been a long road from the first  prototype to now. As simple as it looks, there were many details that took a long time to get just right. Many months were spent testing the friction, finding the perfect adhesive tape, slimming the profile, etc. Many favors called for, hours of help and advice given by family and friends.

So now it is almost here! By mid October we look forward to being "open for business".  We look forward to offering the Flipbac Angle Viewer for you to try.

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