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November 12, 2019, 10:00 am
For cameras with a 3-inch LCD.
Flipbac is perfect for digital cameras with a 3-inch or 2.5-inch LCD display with live view. The Flipbac is not designed to work with LCDs with swivel or flip up screens.

For the best fit, your camera's LCD screen should be about 67mm x  52mm ( 2 5/8"x 2"). Most digital cameras have either a 2.5-inch or 3-inch LCD. First compare the measurements below to the camera's LCD screen size.

If you make a purchase from our website and find the angle viewfinder does not fit your camera, please feel free to return the product within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price.

                                                               3-INCH FLIPBAC HINGE BASE

The Flipbac will fit on the models listed below. The list is not complete since the viewfinder fits hundreds of cameras.

** Panasonic FZ28, Panasonic FX150: Please note these cameras have a 2.7 inch LCD. According to many happy customers, the Flipbac will fit on these cameras, however, it is a tighter fit and therefore needs more careful alignment when applying to the LCD. To read customers' comments please see our Feedback page, as well as this discussion (with photos) on dpreview.com.

*** Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3: It does block about 1 mm of the view on the sides in 3:2 and 16:9 aspect modes. If you shoot 4:3 more often then it is not a problem. Read our personal experience using the LX3 or follow this discussion started by one of our customers on Flickr.com

For a list of cameras with a 2.5-inch LCD please see here.

Cameras with a 3-inch LCD:

BenQ: E800T850, T800, T700, X735, E1050, E1000, E800, X800, X710

CANON: 7D, 5D Mark ll, G9, G10, 40D, 50D, 450D, 1000D, IXUS200IS, IXUS 990IS, IXUS 910IS, IXUS 300HS, IXUS 230HS, IXUS 115HS, S95IS, S90IS, SD4500IS, PowerShot SD880IS (IXUS870IS), PowerShot SD870IS (IXUS 860IS), PowerShot SD790IS (IXUS 90IS), PowerShot SD750 (IXUS 75 / IXY90), PowerShot SD630 (IXUS65), SX200IS, SX150IS, SX110IS, SX230HS, A3300IS, A2100, A2000, IXY920, ELPH 500HS, ELPH 100HS, 110IS (2.8"), 1100HS (3.2")

CASIO: ZR100, ZR10, Z2000, EX-Z150, Z450, Z400, Z300, Z250, Z150, H30, H20G, H15, H10, FH100, FH25, FH20

FUJIFILM: S2700HD, S1880 (S1800), S1700, Z300, Z90, A150, F500EXR, F300EXR, F200EXR, F200fd, F80EXR, J250, J150w, J120, J110w, J25, F60fd, F60, V10, F650

KODAK: Touch, M883, M893IS, M1063, M2008, M1093IS, M1033, V1273, V1073, Z980

LEICA: DIGILUX4, D-LUX5, V-LUX20, (2.7" LCD: X1)

NIKON: AW100, V1, D3, D90, D300, D700, H10, L18, L20, P7000, P300, P100, P90 , S9100, S8200, S8000, S6150, S6100, S4150, S4100, S4000, S1200PJ, S1100PJ, S780, S710, S610, S230, S52, S52c, S51, S51c, S50, S50c, S10, S9, S7, S7c, S6, S5

OLYMPUS: VG-145, SZ11, XZ1, TG810, MJU 730MJU 7020, U7000, MJU 1060, FE350, FE290, E-P1, E-P2, E-P3, SP700, E-PL3, E-PM1

PANASONIC: GF3, GF2, GF1, F55, FX580, FX550, FX520, FX500, FX55, FX50, FS33, FS25, FS20, FP3, ZS10, ZS8, ZS7 (TZ10), ZS3(TZ7), TZ15, TZ5, TZ3, FZ28 (2.7")**, DMC-LX3***, FH27, LX5, LX2

PENTAX: RZ18, Q, LS1100, LS1000, NB1000, RS1500, RS1000, Pentax K20D, T30, T20, T10, V20, V10, K7, WG1, W90

PRACTICA: Luxmedia 8403

RICOH: R10, CX5, CX4, CX3, CX2, CX1, GR3, G700, GXR-P10, GRD III, GXR-A12, GXR-S10


SAMSUNG: NX100, NV100HD, i100, i85, i80, i8 (2.7"), i7, PL150, PL170, ST700, PL70, ST95, ST6500, ST80, SH100, WB5000, WB2000, WB1000, WB700, WB650, WB600, WB550, L201, S1050


SONY: a900, a700, H55, H20, H10, H9, H5, HX9V, HX5V, HX9V, HX7V, HX5, HX1, N2, N1, TX10, TX1, TX3, TX5, T100D, T100, T99, T90, T77, T70, T50, T30, T2, W370, W330, W290, W230, W100, W70, S2100, NEX-C3, NEX3, NEX5, WX30, WX10 (2.8"), WX9, WX7 (2.8")

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