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Monday, 02 March 2009
Capture the essence.
As our skills and understanding increase, we often chase a never ending goal. We long for our images to reproduce reality. Higher and higher pixel counts, broader dynamic range, higher resolving, faster lenses, etc.

When talent, and state of the art equipment come together the results are truly impressive.
However, reality is subjective. Often our mind remembers a moment different than the lens. So, are there other ways to use your camera to capture a scene?

On a recent visit to Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia, it was a hot, sunny, windy day. The sand was too hot to walk on and the reflection off the sand and water was blinding. Sun light pierced deep into the pristine water creating beautiful shades of aquamarine. As beautiful as it was, it is a difficult scene to capture in a way that expressed the moment. The dynamic range from light to shadow was too broad for most cameras. What to do?

This image is over exposed 2 or 3 stops. All detail in the sand is burnt out. The walking figures appear mirage like. You can imagine the wind blown sand hitting  your legs and voices faintly heard through the thunder of the surf.

Over exposure. It is simple and easy to do. Set your camera to manual and purposely over expose some images. Walking through a forest, reflections off a car, a back lit portrait etc. Try over exposure and it may prove the best means to capture the essence of a moment.

Posted by: Flipbac
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