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October 14, 2022, 5:00 pm
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November 12, 2019, 10:00 am
Panasonic Lumix LX3 / Leica D-Lux 4:

We have received many emails asking if the Flipbac works on the Panasonic
Lumix LX3 (Leica D-Lux 4). Since this camera has received rave reviews, we
decided to buy one and see for ourselves how the two work together.
This is
what we found: Ideally, the Flipbac is designed to fit the more common
ratio 3 inch LCD screens, however, it does fit nicely on the 16:9 ratio setting.

We noticed a benefit, too. Since the mirror is slightly taller than the LCD
100% of the reflected image is seen because of it.

¾ view of Flipbac on LX3

Flipbac on LX3 - side view


Flipbac on LX3 - side view open

Cutting the Flipbac side arms to fit LX3 LCD:

One thing we noted is that the plastic arms of the 3 inch Flipbac are too long
for the LX3’s LCD. This is easily fixed by cutting the plastic arms to make
them shorter.
With a sharp razor, cut 5mm-6mm off both plastic arms of the
Flipbac. For a better looking finish, cut on a 45 degree angle.


Flipbac arm cut on 45 degree angle.

IMPORTANT: Okay, this is obvious, but we will say it anyway...cut the Flipbac
arms before mounting it on the camera’s LCD.
Cutting the Flipbac arms when the
Flipbac is already mounted on the camera may result in scratching of the LCD.

Sticking the Flipbac to the LCD:

First stick the lower right corner of the Flipbac to the LCD. Make sure the Flipbac
arm on the right is aligned to the right side of the LCD. If you have not put the
viewfinder on straight, don’t worry, the Flipbac can be removed.

If you need to remove the Flipbac:

Hold the camera in one hand.
Open the Flipbac. With your other hand grab the mirror
and metal frame and slowly pull away from the camera. The 3M tape will release cleanly.
If pulled away slowly it will not damage the Flipbac or the camera.

LX3 4:3 ratio setting: We noticed no loss of LCD screen image


LX3 3:2 ratio setting: The side arms cover less than 1 mm on either side of LCD screen image.

LX3 16:9 ratio setting: LX3 users have been most concerned whether or not the Flipbac will
work with the LX3 in the
16:9 setting. Actually, the Flipbac side arms cover less than 1 mm
of LCD image on either side. Of course, you only lose this 1mm when viewing. The full image
is still photographed.

So, in conclusion, it is still up to you. But personally, we didn't have a problem missing 1 mm
either side since it did not make that much of an impact on our cropping. We still captured the
whole image in the final photograph anyway. If you are curious what others have to say, please
follow this discussion
started by one of our customers on Flickr.com

Flipbac on LX3 - closed

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